We believe you want to begin the work on your problem on the same day that you actively seek help.

So when you make contact with us, you will be able to view what we do online, and benefit from the free content. Over time we will create programmes that you can purchase too. There will also be access to face-to-face consultations and groups and when we are ready to offer these, a programme will go out with dates and times.

We believe you want the kind of help that is tailored to the kind of problem that you have.

We are an independent group of highly skilled and experienced clinicans and coaches, brought together to offer innovative interventions that specifically meet your needs.

We believe therapy is one method of arriving at solutions to the problems of living.

So if we can't meet all your needs, or they can be better met by another service or group, we are happy to signpost you or work alongside other types of help, that you value in your life.

We believe that when you begin therapy you need the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism to feel safe.

All our practitioners are trained and supervised in the models that they use, all are chartered or registered and all are police-checked.