The Team

samedaytherapist is a group of psychologists, psychotherapists, group work practitioners and community psychiatric nurses, brought together by Dr Nicola Tweedie, an experienced clinician, established in private practice and the NHS for over 15 years.

samedaytherapist was created in 2012, as a response to the growing request for psychological therapy and a realisation that both the need for choice and the need for faster access to treatment was going to grow. Our philosphy is to find ways to support people on the same day that they seek help and offer specialised advice and treatment in psychological therapy. Being an independent group means that we focus on your needs and build what we offer around you, rather than you fitting in with the service. It also means that we can move with the times, incorporate best-practice as we become aware of it, and develop innovative ways of working with people that match what they need.

Whatever the reason that you chose us to help you, you can be assured that we attain the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality - from our admin staff through our management to our clinical team, we are dedicated to making the difference that makes a difference for you.

The Model

samedaytherapist delivers quality services that are carefully created to meet individual needs. We are dedicated to providing fast access to the best psychological models and interventions, that you can have confidence in. We are putting online, tried and tested ways of supporting people in stress and distress, that we have developed and used over many years of practice. We are able to make suggestions about managing your mental health as a first-line first-aid, a support to your regular practice of coping or a specific intervention that we will guide you through.