Controlling Stress: an NLP technique.

The Calm Anchor - use this exercise to develop a sense of calm anywhere and anytime you need it. Read through the whole exercise before you begin it.

  1. Remember a time when you felt absolutely calm - peaceful, relaxed and in control. Immerse yourself in this experience right now, seeing what you saw, feeling what you felt and hearing what you heard.

  2. When you feel that you have noticed all the colours and smells and sounds and feelings, start to increase the intensity. Make the colours richer and deeper and brighter...make the sounds more intense and clearer...make the feelings stronger and more physical. When you feel the calm feeling increase, notice how this swells, and at the peak of the feeling, squeeze the finger and thumb of one hand together. You are associating this particular pressure in this particular place with this particular emotion.

  3. Run through this about 5 or 6 times and strongly associate the good, calm feelings, to the finger and thumb of one hand.

  4. Now test the assocation by pressing the finger and thumb. You will know that it is strong enough when the calm feeling returns as you feel the pressure between your thumb and finger.

  5. Now think about a mildy stressful scenario. Squeeze your finger and thumb and feel the calm return to your mind and body. Now see yourself managing the situation well, dealing with the stressful situation  in a calm and controlled manner. See yourself coping just the way that you want to, making choices and resolving problem easily and with confidence.

  6. Now squeeze your finger and thumb again and imagine a few more challenges occuring, either in the same scenario or a different one. Notice yourself handling them just as you would like to. See what you'll see, hear what you'll hear and do what you'll do. Notice how calm and confident you feel and how proud you are of being able to handle things so well.

  7. Stop. Now just think about that same situation again...notice the difference from only a few minutes ago.

  8. Repeat this exercise until you feel as calm, in control and confident as you would like to be.