The consultation will usually take an hour. During this time Dr Nicola Tweedie will want to hear more information about your problem - how long you have had the problem, how you feel it developed, and anything that you have done to manage it. She will then develop a formulation - like a diagnosis - and a plan for treatment.

You will discuss and agree the focus of work and the length of the proposed therapy. You will also talk about payment, so that both parties are clear about what is being charged for and what the overall cost will be.

At the end of this meeting, it is expected that there will be an agreement about whether both parties wish to work together. A letter will be sent by Dr Nicola Tweedie, to you, recording the content of the session and noting any actions or decisions that have been agreed.

You will also be invited to think about how the outcome of this work, will be measured. Dr Nicola Tweedie will offer some ideas, based on the therapy that you have agreed to use, but your ownership of the work is crucial.