Promoting Excellent Leadership

We believe that we learn leadership from the way that we have observed and experienced other people leading us. We don't believe that some people are born leaders, but we do think that some people find themselves in just the same environment in which they learnt about good leadership. But situations and contexts change, and the demands on leaders have never been higher. Increasing your range of leadership styles and understanding your strenghts and limits in different contexts, will enable you to become a flexible and resilient leader.

Developing More Effective Ways of Working

Times are tough and competition is hard. If you feel that your team or business is "running just to keep up" and that you seem to repeat things or procrastinate, then we can help. We will come and meet with you, either for a morning or a day, or over several weeks, and take an overview of your protocols and practices. We will help you to identify areas of strength and weakness and o

Resolving Conflict

In our experience conflict usually indicates two possible problems:

  1. a clash of values between passionate people
  2. the development of a more corrosive, but potentially creative, sub-group

We are able to facilitate conflict resolution between pairs of people and small groups and have experience of doing this around bullying, discrimination and during times of change and uncertainty. We are also able to provide consultation to leaders and managers who have identified sub-groups of people within their organisation who are having a negative effect on the team. Often there is a tendency to respond to this by trying to weed out the "trouble-makers". Whilst this may be one option, we have found that these groups, who exert a powerful influence over the team, may hold untapped potential. By understanding the conflict that they are experiencing in working with the team, it may be possible to unlock the creative potentional and re-focus them in ways that are positive and enhancing for your business.

Improving Performance

We are also able to conduct evaluations across individuals and teams and can undertake audits of individual projects or of teams and businesses with the express purpose of quality improvement.


We charge charities £50 per hour of face-to-face work, with individuals or teams, and nothing for preparatory work or meetings. We charge £40 per hour for report writing, research/analysis.

All other businesses we charge £60 per hour for report writing, research/analysis; £70 per hour for planning meetings, what we call indirect work; £200 per hour for individual work/small groups of no more than 3; £3000 per day for teams of 10-15.